Top 10 Reasons You Need a Personal Trainer!

  •  You think the Food Pyramid is a game show
  •  You didn’t know your pedometer could go over 1000.
  •  You think BOSU is the ancient Japanese art of growing miniature trees
  •  You think Pilates is someone who flies a plane
  •  You found mice living in the box of a rowing machine you never opened –  
  •  and their legs looked better than yours
  •  When someone says “Tai Chi” you say “Bless You” and ask if they are  
  •  catching a cold
  •  You use your home Stair Climber to hang wet clothes on
  •  You think if God had wanted you to touch your toes, he would have put  
  •  them further up on your body
  •  You skip the gym because the TV is always on a station you hate
  •  You think it’s OK to have flabby thighs because you can cover them with
    your stomach.

If you believe any of the above to be true, you need help! Visit one of Marty's
classes or contact him today!
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