Testimonials IV

Pressure is a Good Thing!
Marty is amazing! There's not a day that goes by that I don't wish that I could
workout with him, not just for the affects of getting my heart rate up or building a
stronger body, but for the pressure he puts on us to always do our best. You may
be working out with 20-30 people, but you can personally feel the pressure he
has on you to do well. Without him, I don't think I would be the same person I am
today. When I finished college and my collegiate athletic career, it was weird not
to feel much of that pressure from coaches and teachers to perform well. Marty
brought that back. He wanted me to succeed. He put the drive I was missing back
into my life, not to mention losing weight and tightening up my muscles. Thanks to
Marty for everything! - Beth S.

Kickboxing is a Kick!
Thanks to Marty and cardio kickboxing I am 25 pounds lighter and much
healthier. I started going to Marty's class in January 2005. I was worried that I
couldn't keep up or learn the different kicks and punches. Marty washed away
those fears in a short time. He is very motivating and easy to learn from. I look
forward to these classes every week. They are fun and you feel like you have
really gotten a great workout. I also enjoy Abs class. The exercises are very
doable, but yet you feel like you really have worked the muscle Marty says you
are targeting. I look forward to many more years of getting fit. - Danielle D.

Kick Your Butt Into Shape!
Whether you are a fitness fantastic or just want to get fit, Marty's class gives total
body results. If your energy level and focus on the workout matches the amount
of energy and focus Marty puts into instructing, there is no doubt that you'll see
results! It is a "kick your butt into shape" type of workout that leaves you
energized and looking forward to the next time. - Shelley B.

For more information about training with Marty or kickboxing, visit the Services
and Fitness Classes pages on this site.

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