Testimonials III

Marty is not only a great trainer but a great motivator. He has helped me realize
that it's not enough to not find the time to exercise but to MAKE the time to
exercise. He has helped me to have the confidence to adapt to present and
future aches and pains.  His ability and creativity have made our workouts fun. I
know that I am stronger and have more energy.  I just hope that our class lasts as
long as I do. With Marty’s help I plan to wear out – not RUST out! -
Jackie Y.

Getting a Leg Up (and Down!)
Marty has really gotten me into shape! I remember my first night at cardio
kickboxing. I stayed for the entire class, beginner's and intermediate, and when I
arrived home, my legs cried in protest. But since that fateful day, I have come a
long way. I have met some really great people in class and am having a really
good time. If you want to get into shape, and have a great time doing it (don't
worry, your legs will quit crying), then I highly recommend attending Marty's cardio
kickboxing class. You won't regret it.

Size Matters!
When I started training with Marty, I was a "kinda-sorta" regular at my gym at
work; attending aerobics and toning classes. After a few weeks of missing
workouts, I came into class and the first thing I noticed was my aerobics instructor.
She looked fantastic! I told her the "jig is up, what's your secret?" She scribbled
down a number and a name, Marty England.

At first I was very nervous about meeting with him. I even bailed on my first
meeting. But I found my confidence, rescheduled and it was worth it. I was worn
out that first session, but I felt great and I saw results in a matter of weeks. My
arms and legs were more toned, discovered more strength and energy. The big
plus was a closet full of smaller skirts, pants and dresses. (I now even own four
bikinis - the most since I was in my 20s). Because I have a rather busy schedule
with work and school, Marty designed a routine I can do on my at the lunch hour
which provides great energy throughout my day and so I have the strength to
make it through his Thursday kickboxing class. Do I want to kick this habit? No
way, size 6, here I come! -
Linda C.

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