Testimonials II

Wow! This is Work?
If we all believed that working out was absolute torture and could never be fun,
what would we be missing? I have trained with Marty for over three years and I am
the better for it. I started working out with him in the gym with the machines and I
now attend many of the classes he offers. I really enjoy the variety of the classes
and I never get bored. The routines are challenging, but Marty has the ability to
make it fun so you don't notice just how hard you are working (until the next day
when your muscles remind you!)  I never thought I would actually set an alarm to
go work out, but I do and it's worth it! I even feel guilty when I miss a class. Marty
is energetic and encouraging; and just when you feel like giving up, he finds a
way to push you a little harder - and you end up giving it back. I am currently in
the best physical shape of my adult life! I can't explain why or how, but he just
keeps you wanting to come back for more. -
Christina Z.

More than Words
It is my pleasure to submit a list of words that fit my good friend Marty England
(Certified Master Fitness Trainer):

  • Leadership qualities                              
  • Command control
  • Subject knowledge                                
  • Professional attitude
  • Personality + Perseverance                                   
  • Creative
  • Perseverance                                       
  • Charisma                    

That is just a sample – many more apply.  Marty – keep up the good work – Bravo
Zula - ( a job well done ).
Don Y.

What about BOB?
Marty introduced me to the new man in my life.  It was love at first sight – or I
should say – first jab. I have been a gym rat and Aerobics Instructor for over 20
years and thought I had a pretty good handle on exercise and cardio. But I couldn’
t seem to ditch the last ten pounds I had gained after the birth of my daughter
who had just turned two! Since my efforts weren't paying off – I decided to contact
Marty and see what he could do to push me off of my plateau. He introduced me
to BOB ( body opponent bag ) and I fell in love!  I learned how to throw jabs,
crosses, hooks and upper cuts and never knew punching a torso could be so
much fun. It's truly amazing how BOB’s face can transform into whoever was
giving me issues at the time of my workout!  Marty’s use of BOB, the heavy bag,
focus pads, kick pads, and cardio bursts  really KO’ed that last ten pounds!
Three years later I am 25 pounds lighter, have lost 13 inches and reduced my
body fat by 15%. More importantly, I have the confidence to use kicks and
punches in a threatening situation. For everything that BOB has done for me – I
would dearly love to shake his hand – if he only had one! -
Mary C  


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