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A Kid Again!
I was a kid who faked being sick to get out of gym class. Every now and then, I'd
decide to get in shape and try a program - a couple of months in the fat shaking
belt at Elaine Powers, half of a Jazzercise class, three visits on an 18-month gym
contract (that's approximately $225). Walking was the only physical activity I was
interested in. Now? I have attended at least two classes every week for more than
a year. Somewhere along the line working out stopped being a necessary evil
and became something I really enjoy. The difference for me is that Marty creates
an encouraging, fun and comfortable atmosphere that gives me enough
confidence to give it my best shot without worrying about what I look like. His kick-
boxing routines include enough variety in intensity and skill level that I always feel
as though I've had a successful workout. I have more strength and energy now
than I've ever had in my life.

Marty challenges me to really push myself hard but never makes me feel
embarrassed when I reach my limit and have to take a breather.  Of all the
classes Marty offers, the Abs Blast class is by far the most physically tough for
me, but it's also the class that's providing impressive results. I don't always enjoy
it; I hate to miss it. My reward for surviving ABS is the cardio kick-boxing that
follows. All of the punching and kicking and jumping around makes me feel like I'm
a kid again - just not that kid who always wanted to skip gym. - Cyd K

A Can't Miss!
I remember being apprehensive about going to my first circuit training class last
January, but my fears were eliminated in about two weeks because of Marty's
outstanding leadership. His ability to accept everyone at their individual level of
achievement without being condescending was definitely what I needed to hang in
there! His willingness to help anyone who might need it was something I had
never personally experienced; and I have been in some for of exercise program
for 20 plus years. I've now grown to a point where I really dislike missing any
session. - Carlene C.

Basic Training
I have known Marty England for five years and trained with him for the
past three years. He was a fixture at the small gym where I worked out. I
went about my business of lifting free weights three days a week and he went
about his busy schedule. I never thought I was at the fitness level for a
personal trainer, however through pure coincidence and good luck I hit
a training plateau at the same time Marty posted a new class - "Basic
Training" class on Saturday mornings from 8-9am. This core strengthening class
has a lot of abdominal work, which I won't due unless closely monitored, and
plenty of leg and upper body work; all done with an elevated heart rate due to the
constant cardio undertone. It has lowered my body fat percentage, increased my
flexibility and raised my overall fitness level. I have come to the conclusion that
everyone is at the correct fitness level for a personal trainer. Marty is VERY good
at what he does. Try the "Basic Training" class on Saturdays and your body WILL
improve! - Chris C


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