Marty England's Fitness Philosophy

I strongly believe in the adage that
says.."Those who want to succeed will find a
way, while those who don't will find an excuse."
Always remember that your results are directly
proportional to the amount of effort you put
forth. Being consistent, putting forth your best
effort, and staying positive are critical to a
successful fitness program. It's not at all easy,
but with the right knowledge and
determination, it can be job is to
show you how to do just that!
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Marty moved to a new location February 08!
Marty's aerobic studio and gym is NOW located at Curtain Call Dance Academy on the
westside of Indy at 1833 Expo Lane, just off of Country Club Road! Check out his new place

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Marty England featured on Gov. Mitch Daniel's Inshape.In.Gov "Ask the
Trainer" website!
As part of Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels' commitment to create a healthier Indiana,
a website has been created called
"Ask the Trainer." Through this website, visitors
can submit their fitness questions and Marty will provide answers to how to get in
shape and stay in shape!

But if you are here, you don't have to go very far to ask Marty a question? Just
Contact Marty! Or visit the "Ask the Trainer" Q&A page on the Inshape website -  
your questions may already be answered!
You don't think you need a personal trainer? Review Marty's Top 10 List and see where you shake out!