Weight – A – Minute
Fitness Myths – Truth or Fiction

MYTH: Women who lift weights will get big muscles.
 Women can’t get big muscles because the don’t have enough
testosterone. But strength training does prevent osteoporosis,  improve posture,
and raise metabolism.

MYTH: If you stop exercising your muscles will turn to fat.
 Muscle is muscle and fat is fat.  You can’t turn one into the other.

MYTH: You can spot reduce by dieting.
  You can’t select a specific body part and zap away the fat.  If that was the
case then EVERY woman on a diet would try and zap her hips and thighs!
Unfortunately you lose weight all over and the way you lose it is strongly controlled
by genetics. The good news is that you can spot train trouble areas with a good
strength training program and significantly improve the appearance.

MYTH: Cellulite pills and creams will help me get rid of cellulite.
 Save your $ and invest in a good personal trainer or gym membership.  
Cellulite is fat that has a puckered appearance often referred to as cottage cheese.  
While genetics could play a role in how much and where – you can reduce the
appearance of cellulite with a healthy diet and exercise.

MYTH: Fad diets are the quickest way to lose weight.
  Whenever you limit yourself to specific food groups you are setting
yourself up for failure. Dieting is not a permanent way to lose and keep off weight.  
You need to eat from each food group for a healthy diet.  And by combining a
healthy diet with an exercise program you are on the road to success.

Beware of products which promise quick results and a money back guarantee.  
Research has shown that less than 10% of consumers will take the time to return a
product to the manufacturer for their money back.

MYTH: A pound of muscle weights more than a pound of fat – that’s why you
tend to “gain” weight when you strength train.
 A scale does not know the difference between fat and muscle.  But there
is a HUGE difference in how a pound of fat looks on a body versus a pound of
muscle.  Fat takes up more space while muscle is very compact.  You might not lose
any weight – but you will change the ratio of muscle to fat which will make you jeans
fit you a little better.

MYTH: The only way to get fat is to eat fat.  
Your body stores unused carbohydrates as fat.  There are simple
carbohydrates which are quickly converted to energy and are high in sugar like
cookies, cakes, sodas, etc. The complex carbohydrates release energy over time
and are found in pasta’s, bread, grains, etc.  If you consume too much of each type
and don’t burn them off with aerobic activity then they will be “stored” for future use.  

Their distribution is again determined by genetics.  Women by nature store fat in
their hips and thighs because of fertility. Men, on the other hand, typically store it in
their stomachs. Back in the caveman days they needed this store of fat to sustain
them while then foraged days on end for food and for quick energy to run from
Saber-Toothed tigers. But since the foraging days are over – and the Saber-Tooths
are extinct – these areas are now affectionately called love-handles, pooches or

MYTH: It’s better to hydrate during a workout with a Sports drink and not
 If you are engaging in any cardiovascular activity for at least
45 minutes to an hour, or working out in a hot, humid environment then you might
reach for the Sports drink. Otherwise you don’t really need the extra minerals and
calories from these drinks – you will replenish everything you need at your next
meal.  Cold water is still the best bet for hydration during a physical activity.  An
average adult needs 80 ounces of water a day to maintain water balance.

MYTH: Working with a personal trainer are for wealthy folks and fitness
Absolutely NOT! Personal trainers work with all economic, age and fitness
levels and can help anyone who wants to reach their fitness goals! Matter of fact,
here are the top 6 reasons for hiring a personal trainer:
1. Motivation – trainers are a coach, motivator, confidant, and role model.
2. Consistency – Scheduled appointments make you accountable for your workouts
3. Safety – A trainer will show you proper form and technique
4. Individualized instruction – A trainer will develop the most effective program to
meet YOUR needs and goals.
5. Effective workouts – Trainers help maximize your time to get help you reach your
goals quickly and efficiently
6. Supervision – Trainers observe, spot, assist, and correct if necessary to provide
you with a safe and effective workout program.

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