Where do we start? Consultation Session
We sit down and discuss questions and concerns about working with a
personal trainer and how I can help you achieve your overall fitness goals and
objectives. This is a good time to discuss any special needs you have so we
can determine what program would work best for you. This initial consultation
may last up to 30 minutes, is free of charge and does not involve any type of
workout. If at this time you decide to move forward with personal training then
we will schedule your first session.

Personal Training Session
At the first session you will complete a comprehensive questionnaire
concerning your health history. Your current level of fitness will be evaluated
by industry standards such as skin fold calipers or measurements for body fat,
heart rate monitor for cardio and different flexibility tests for range of motion.   
I can then map out a program unique to your individual needs and

Subsequent appointments involve regular exercise sessions where I instruct
and motivate you through an entire program tailored to your needs. The
intensity of the session is based on your current level of fitness and workout
goals. If you have little or no experience with a personal trainer, we will have
more form and function instruction. My experience as a personal trainer allows
me to guide you through a challenging and safe session. Safety is ALWAYS
my number one concern. I encourage you to discuss your fitness program with
your physician.

Exercise Planning Session
An exercise planning session is a personalized exercise program where the
you are instructed in the proper techniques for executing the program safely
and effectively on your own. Depending on the level of experience, it could
require a personal training session so you can feel comfortable with their
program.  As someone committed to fitness, I think it is important to give
people tools to be successful with an exercise program. The EPS is a map that
you can use to meet their fitness goals on your own.

BOB – Body Opponent Bag
In this program – not only will you get to meet BOB – but you get to punch him
too! You will use hand wraps and boxing gloves to deliver a series of jabs,
crosses, hooks, and upper cuts to BOB’s head and torso. BOB is basically a
torso on a stand who serves as a life like target. Focus pads and a heavy bag
are also used for punching. Front and roundhouse kicks are done on a kick
pad. This total body program also includes core development and cardio
bursts. Guaranteed to KO any stress in your life!

Down the Aisle – Fit-4-Life Style
A pre-wedding fitness program for the bride or groom to look their best on
their special day. Programs can be tailored for  the bride, groom, or couple
and should be started a minimum 12 weeks prior to the wedding for optimum

Bikini Bootcamp
Planning a special trip and want to look your best in a swimsuit?  Bikini
Bootcamp is a fitness program designed to target all those problem areas
which make trying on a swimming suit painful. Programs should be started a
minimum of 12 weeks prior to departure for optimum results. Swimsuit not

“Rock” Bottom
This program specifically targets the lower body region to give you “glutes of
steel”. Lunge, squat, step, press your lower body into the best shape ever.  
This program is available as a personal training session or an exercise
planning session.
Cyd's giving BOB her best shot!
Fit-4-Life Personal Training Services
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