Let's Ask Marty - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What is personal training?
A. Personal training is one of the most effective ways to meet your fitness
goals in the shortest time possible. In fact, personal training has proven so
effective it has spread well beyond the realm of the rich and famous.  
Today,  personal trainers are used by people of all fitness, age, and
economic levels to help them make lifestyle changes they cannot achieve by

Q. What kind of results can I expect?
A. One equation can answer this question: EFFORT = RESULTS
Results depend on how bad you want to reach your fitness goals and, more
importantly, how hard you are willing to work. A good personal training
program will allow you to get the most out of your fitness and nutrition.  A
trainer can control your routine during a session but what you do outside of
the session can have a tremendous effect on your overall results.

Q. How often should I meet with you?
A. This would depend on your goals, how quickly you want to achieve them,  
your schedule and how much time you can commit to exercise,  and your
budget.  On average, most clients do best when they meet 2-3 times per
week to keep them in a fitness rhythm. Plus, research has shown that when
clients work out at the same times every week they tend to develop more of
a routine and stick with it.

Q. I have been exercising on my own for a long time but have
stopped seeing any positive results -  can you really help me?
A. Absolutely.  Most people who work out on their own for a long period of
time eventually hit a plateau and stop seeing any progress. This is usually
due to the inability of that person to push themselves to a higher level in
their workouts and/or to find a new routine. I can pull you out of your rut by
constantly challenging your muscles with new routines and motivating you to
work harder.

Q. I have done EVERYTHING but still can’t seem to lose any weight.  
What can you do for me?
A. Losing body fat effectively is the result of combining a good nutrition plan
with aerobic activity to burn calories. When someone feels they have done
“everything” then usually one of those factors are not being done
consistently. People eat more than they think and exercise less than they
think. I can help you find the hidden factors which sabotage your results and
put you on an effective diet and exercise program to help you achieve and
sustain your results.

Q. I can workout on my own, but I need to learn what to do and how
to carry out the exercises correctly.  Will you work with me?
A. Yes. I can evaluate your fitness goals and meet with you over a number
of sessions to teach you technique and proper form. You will come away
with a program that will meet your fitness needs that you can do on your
own. The number of sessions needed depends on your goals,  how quickly
you master the movements. You can always schedule an additional session
(s) later for a refresher or a new program.  

Q. I am no Spring Chicken and have never really done any type of
physical training.  Is it too late to start?
A. Research has shown that it’s NEVER too late to start  and benefit from an
exercise program. Mature adults may have more health related issues and
mobility problems which can make exercise safety a challenge but definitely
achievable. I have many years of experience designing programs that
address the special needs of clients.

Q. Do I have to join a gym to personal train with you?
A. No – a good effective training program can be done outside the gym
using some machines, free weights and other training equipment at an off-
site location. Please note however that by joining a gym, there would be a
greater variety of cardio and strength training equipment to use in your
workouts. And you can have a place to workout between sessions to help
you reach your fitness goals even faster!

Q. Who is BOB?
A. BOB stands for Body Opponent Bag and is used in a boxing workout
done at an off-site location. BOB is a torso on a stand  that a client delivers
a series of  jabs, crosses, hooks, and upper cuts to his face and body for a
great upper body workout. Heavy bag, focus pads, kick pads, and a core
board are also used for kicking and punching. A boxing workout not only
targets the arms, legs, and core, but it also is a great way to relieve stress
and tension. BOB has taken on many faces during a workout.

Q. What is your policy for cancellation and tardiness?
A. It is only courteous to try and notify me of a cancellation within 12 to 24
hours of your scheduled session. Last minute emergencies do happen and I
am pretty flexible but I have booked that allotment of time for a client and
when they don’t show, or call me at the last minute, I don’t have enough time
to slot someone else in their place. An occasion cancellation is
understandable but if it happens frequently then I may have to require for
payment of the cancelled session.

There is not a lot of extra time build into my schedule so it is important to be
at your scheduled session on time. In turn, I will show you the same courtesy
and give you ample notice if I have emergencies or conflicts.

Q. How do I get started?
A. Call me at 317.443.8996 or submit the free consultation coupon to start
your journey to a leaner, fitter, healthier body.

Please consult with a physician prior to beginning any fitness regimen.
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